I can not connect to the Bascom app (RSV)

If you can not connect with the Bascom app on your smartphone or tablet, you can fix this by going through the following steps:

Check the cable

A UTP cable must be placed between the recorder and the router. Please use the WAN connection on the recorder side. On the router you will have to use one of the Internet connections. These are often indicated as LAN or ETHERNET. When the cable is properly connected, you will have a working connection with the Bascom app after 5 minutes.

Network Settings Recorder

When a monitor and mouse are connected to the recorder, you can navigate through the recorder menu. Go to MAIN MENU and click NETWORK (left side). Here you have to select the DHCP option (and not the STATIC option). When the settings already have been set to DHCP, you don't have to change anything.

Check the application

There are two apps in circulation: "Bascom" and "Bascom+'. You need the "Bascom" app for your system. Please make sure you have installed the correct application and remove the "Bascom+" app from your smartphone / tablet.

Check the scanned QR code

It may be that there has been an error while scanning the QR code. There is a code displayed underneeth the QR code on the recorder. This code starts with RSV. Now go to Bascom app and select the three lines on top. Click on DEVICE or CONFIGURATION. Then select the created device. Now you see the device settings. Check the RSV code in the app with the code that is present on the recorder. The code on the recorder is leading. When the data does not match, adjust it manually in the app. Ik krijg geen verbinding met de Bascom app (HD)

Check your router

If the steps above do not help, you should check the function of the router. The router must support IP4 to transport the right signal. Your internet provider can indicate whether your router supports IP4.

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