How to install the 4G router

1. Put the SIM-card without SIM-lock in the router. To make sure that the SIM-card does not have a SIM-lock you can put it in your mobile phone. If the card is secured with a PIN-code you can disable this code with your mobile phone.

Disable the SIM-lock with an Android System:

  • Go to Settings in your device's menu.
  • Choose the option Security.
  • Go to Set up Sim card lock.
  • Uncheck the box next to Lock SIM card, confirm the change by inputting the current PIN code

Disable the SIM-lock with an iPhone:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Scroll down to Phone.
  • Scroll down and tap Sim pin.
  • Tap the Sim pin toggle switch.
  • Enter the current Sim pin code.

2. Connect the Router to the computer by using a USB cable. The side with the bigger connector needs to be connected to the computer and the smaller one to the Wi-Fi Router.

3. Connect the Router to the computer by using a UTP cable. One side goes into the back of the computer into the LAN port and the other side into the router. In the example below you see how a LAN port looks like.


4. Open your browser (Internet Explorer or Safari) and type in the IP address of your WiFi-router. You will find this IP-address at the top of the router (for example:

5. Now you see a window that looks like the one below. Type in admin for both username and password.


6. Click on the left mouse button at Setup Wizard and then click Next.


7. Choose for option 3G/4G and press at Next. Now you see a picture as the one below.

8. Choose option Manually.  Type in the APN of the provider. The APN is depending on your Internet provider. At the example we typed in the APN for the internet provider KPN. Username and Password does not need to be filled in for most of the internet providers. Ask your internet provider which APN you need to use. You can also search for it yourself in Google by entering “APN (name of your provider)”.

9. Press Next after you filled in the APN.


10. Fill in a random name at wireless network name (SSID) some name in and press Next.

11. Now click Finish. Restart the Router by switching the power switch on the router to off, wait for 20 seconds and then switch it back to on again. Now follow the Bascom manual to gain your images via the internet.


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