How to install the 4G router

Step 1: Activate SIM card

1. Connect the router to the computer using the USB cable. The side with the large connector goes into the computer and the small connector into the Wi-Fi router.

2. Connect a network cable to the router and connect the other side of the network cable to the LAN port on your computer.


3. Open your browser (Internet Explorer or Safari) and enter the IP address of your Wi-Fi router. This is on the top of the router (e.g.

4. Enter "admin" in the login window as username and password.


5. Now click on  3G/4G and then on PIN Code Settings.


6. If your SIM card has a PIN code, set the PIN Status option to Enabled and enter your PIN in the field PIN code and then click Save. If you are using a SIM card without a PIN, set the PIN Status option  to Disabled.

7. Change the menu to 3G/4G Network Connection.

8. Set the Dial Mode to Manually and enter the APN of your mobile service provider under APN. Ask your internet service provider which APN you should use or use Google e.g. APN Vodafone.




Step 2: configure Wi-Fi (optional)

1. Go to the Wireless Settings menu and click on Wireless Basic Settings

  • Wireless network name (SSID): Enter any name for your Wi-Fi.
  • SSID Broadcast: If this option is enabled your Wi-Fi is visible for others. If you select Disabled it is invisible.


2. Click Wireless Security Settings and create a custom password using an encryption method of your choice. The most secure combination is Security Mode: WPA2-Personal and WPA Encryption: TKIP+ AES. Click on Save to save your settings.


3. In the Running Status menu check the connection quality under the point 3G/4G Signal Strength. The higher the percentage, the better the connection. This value can be increased by repositioning the router.


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