Manual WiFi Extender


  • Insert the WiFi adapter in a power outlet near the camera.
  • Connect the WiFi adapter with the camera using a UTP cable. ( Foto)


  • There is a socket in the WiFi adapter. You put the supplied power plug in the WiFi adapter. ( Foto)Voeding.png
  • It could be the case that the cord of the power plug isn't long enough to reach the camera. This is why we delivered a extra extensioncable. The extensioncable should be connected to the black power plug. The other side of the extensioncable is connected directly to the camera. Everything is now connected as in the picture below.


Connecting the WiFi.

  • Press the button on the side of the WiFi adapter which says 'WPS'.
  • Now press, within two minutes, the button 'WPS' on your modem. If you can't find this button please contact your internet provider.
  • The connection is being made automatically. The securitysettings of your modem are also being taken over on the WiFi adapter.
  • When the recorder is connected to the same modem, the recorder automatically finds the camera's.
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