Motion recording (HD PLUS)

It is most easy to follow this article when the language of your system is set in English.

Step 1: enable motion detection

Use the mouse and go to the bottom of the screen to reach the menu:

  • Select the cameras for which you would like to activate motion detection by using the tabs
  • Switch DET on
  • Adjust SENSITIVITY of the motion detection later if needed
  • Click behind AREA on CONFIGURE to exclude areas from detection
  • Mark the areas you would like to exclude in red

Step 2: adjust record settings

  • Go again to ADVANCED CONFIG and then to RECORD
  • Switch MANUAL RECORD off
  • Switch EVENT RECORD on

The recorder will now start recording when an event happens. One more setting is needed to mark a motion as an event. 

  • Click behind RECORD CONFIG on SETUP
  • Go to the tab EVENT
  • Select in the colum EVENT and the option "MOTION"
  • Make sure to ENABLE all rows
  • Click APPLY to save the settings

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