My wired camera doesn't show images (HD PLUS)

It is most easy to follow this step when the language of your system is set in English.

Missing camera images are often caused by a wrong setup. Please make sure to follow the steps in the setup process closely. Still no images? Please continue reading.

Step 1: check the cable and connection

  • Check if the camera cable is connected to the video input on the recorder
  • Replace the cable to exclude wiring problems (for example by using the cable of another camera)
  • Try another VIDEO INPUT on the recorder 

Step 2: connect the cameras again

Use the mouse and go to the bottom of the screen to reach the menu.

  • Go to IP SEARCH. The recorder is now searching for cameras
  • Click on all cameras with status UNUSED and click CONNECT
  • Select a TARGET CHANNEL and click SAVE
  • The images will appear in a few minutes

When after 5 minutes no images appear, repeat the process. Still no images after the second try? Please contact us and share your findings.

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