Reset cameras (HD Plus)

HD PLUS-cameras can be reset in two ways.

Trough your webbrowser

If your camerasystem is connected to your router you can reset the camera as follows:

  • Open Internet Explorer within your network. (do NOT use a other browser)
  • Log in onto the camera with the assigned IP adres and port number. If the IP-adres of the camera is and the port number is 88, than you should open the following link in Internet Explorer:
  • When you are logged in you will have to copy the following link ( with your own IP-adres and Portnumber) and paste this in the URL bar of Interbet Explorer: You have to do this in the tad on which you are logged in.

Trough the cabling

A camera reset trough the cabling works as follows: 

  • Strip de "RESET" and "GND" cable so you will see a iron wire at both cables. Some cameras have two "GND" cables. It doesn't make a difference which cable you use.

  • Now connect the "RESET" and "GND" toghether and wait until the image dissapears on the monitor. This will take about 15 seconds. Now disconnect the "RESET" and "GND" from each other, the camera image will automatically return to the screen.

Pay attention: If you do not see the camera image on the screen, it could be that the "RESET" and "GND" were not connected correctly. Repeat the steps above.

Your camera has now been reset and is set back to the default settings.


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