Connecting camera to router (HD PLUS)

You can connect a HD PLUS camera directly to a router to view the images from a other location. To do this please follow the steps below: 

  • Go to a PC which is connected to the same router as the IP Camera.
  • Click here to download the program "IPScan".
  • You open the zip file and then open the file "IPScan_1026_Setup.exe".
  • You install the program and then open the program.
  • In the program you click on "SCAN".  

  • There will appear multiple IP adresses, but only 1 IP adress has the "TYPE" "IP CAMERA (FIX)". Write down this IP adress and port number.
  • Open Internet Explorer ( NOT a other browser) and type in the following format:
  • http://IPadress:Portnumber. So, if the IP adress is is and the port number is 80, you will fill in : Now you can view your camera images through Internet Explorer.
  • A alternative to view the images is Video Viewer. You can download Video Viewer here.
  • Install the content and open the program.
  • Click on the PLUS sign at the bottom of the menu.


Now the menu below opens. Fill in the IP adress and portnumber which you have searched earlier through "IPSCAN". At both "User Name" as "Password" you have to fill in admin. Then you click on "login".



For viewing the images on the smartphone within your network you will use the same settings as with the Video Viewer. To view the images on the smartphone you will have to download the Bascom+ application in the appstore.



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