Watch on your smartphone (HD PLUS)

It is most easy to follow this article when the language of your system is set in English.

Step 1: connect the recorder to internet

Connect the recorder with a networkcable to your modem or router (the 'box' from your internet). Use these connections:

  • On the recorder: "internet" or "WAN"
  • On your router or modem: "ethernet" or "LAN"

Step 2: set the recorder

Use the mouse and go to the bottom of the screen to reach the menu:

  • Go to advanced config and select network
  • Change network type to "DHCP" and click exit
  • Go to quick start and select EaZy 
  • Switch enable eazy networking "ON"
  • Keep the menu open, the code is needed in step 3

Step 3: install the app

Go with your smartphone to the app store and download the EagleEyes Lite app. Open the app:

  • Press the add sign in the left down corner and select EaZy
  • Press down on Register and create an account
  • Select the image of the recorder
  • Press on the code icon behind MAC address
  • Scan de code from step 2
  • Enter the Captcha and press Apply
  • The application may ask for a username and password again. Here you have to enter the username and password of the recorder. Please note that these are not the login details of the EaZy account.
  • It may take some time to add the system
  • Restart the app and watch your images
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