Download computer software

Step 1: Connect the recorder to the internet

Use the included network cable to connect the recorder to your router or modem. Use the following connections for this:

  • On the recorder: Internet or WAN
  • On the router / modem: LAN


Step 2: install the software

Download your software here for Windows or Apple MacOS

The default password for the recorder is admin. The username is also admin.

In the case that the installation is blocked under MAC, please follow the steps under



Step 3: set up software

  1. In Device ID / IP, insert the recorder ID, which can be found under the QR code on the left side of your recorder. This key always starts with RSV or BSC.

  2. Set the PORT to 9000.

  3. Enter the user name of your recorder under User name.

  4. Enter the password of your recorder under Password.

  5. Click on Login


After the login you are able to administrate the recorder and define a personal password


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