Start the Bascom Client without admin rights

If the user who is used to run the Bascom client does not have administrator rights, you can modify the program start using Microsoft Compatibily mode.

  1. Download for Windows ADK.
  2. Start the Windows ADK installation. In the second step, define the components to be installed. Deselect all components and just mark application compatibility tools.

  3. Then start the Compatibility Administrator (32-bit). Administrator rights are required to start.

  4. Under Custom Databases, right-click New Database (1).

  5. Click Create New and then Application Fix ...

  6. Select a name (e.g. Bascom Admin) for the configuration file under Name of the program to be fixed.

  7. Click on Browse and navigate to the installation path of the Bascom client and select the BASCOM CLIENT.exe.

  8. Click on Continue.

  9. Press R to jump to the RunAsInvoker entry and select it.

  10. In the next two windows click on Next and finally on Finish.

  11. Click Save in the top menu bar and assign a user-defined name for the settings (e.g. Bascom Admin).

  12. Click on OK.

  13. Choose any path to save (e.g. the Bascom Client program folder).

  14. Right click on the created database. In this example Bascom admin [C: \ Program Files (X68) ...] and click on Install.

  15. You can now start the Bascom Client without administrator authorization.

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