Recordings are not saved

If all settings for motion recording or continuous recording are set correctly and the recordings are still not saved, please check the following steps.


Step 1: Is the HDD available?

Check if the HDD is recognized from the recorder.

Go to Settings HDD Disk and check if there is an entry in the table on the right side.

If yes, go to Step 2. If not please unattach and reattach the HDD with our instructions


Step 2: Is there space left on the HDD?

Check if the HDD have an amount of space to save the recordings.

Go to Settings HDD Disk and check the column Free/Total. If there is no space left you see the 0G/. 

If this is the case set Overwrite to Auto and click Format HDD.


Step 3: Problem still exists

If you checked the steps above and the recordings are still not saved, please get in touch with us and tell us your device type and your software version. You can find out where you can get this information here.

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