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It is possible to stream the individual camera channels directly via the RTSP protocol. We recommend VLC Player as the playback medium.

Info: In case your recorder has a modelnumber ending on N (eg. BSM-R4XN) you will find the appropriate rtsp path here. 


Use the recorder

Step 1: Set a static IP address for the recorder

The recorder must have a static IP address so that you can permanently access the stream. We have described the procedure in more detail for you here: Assign a static IP address .


Step 2: RTSP settings on the recorder

  1. Drag your cursor to the bottom of the screen and click the leftmost icon.

  2. Click on Settings.

  3. Enter your password and click Unlock.

  4. Click on Cameras and then on IP Channels.

  5. Select Protocol Manage at the top.

  6. Under Resources Path, replace both the mainstream and the substream with the IP address  specified in step 1, as in the following example:

    • rtsp://YOUR IP ADDRESS:554/ch01/0)

  7. Then click Apply.


Step 3: RTSP call

To clarify the call via RTSP, you will find the definition of the individual parts of the RTSP link below.


  • RTSP = protocol

  •  = IP address of your recorder

  • 554 = Streaming Port

  • ch01 = channel to be displayed. Ch02 for channel 2, ch03 for channel 3 etc.

  • /0 = Mainstream - maximum resolution. /1 = Substream - lower resolution


    1. Open the VLC player or any program.

    2. Click Media and then click Open Network Stream.

    3. In the tab Network, enter your rtsp stream e.g. rtsp: // 554 / ch01 / 0) and then click on Play.

    4. Enter the user data of the recorder.


Recorder N-Model: 

The path to open the rtsp stream is created as follows:


IP: Local IP adress of the recorder 
A: 01(ch1), 02(ch2), etc.
B: 0(main stream), 1(sub stream)

Example: rtsp://


Examplevideo (Recorder without N)

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