Camera connection cover assembly instructions

In order to protect the camera and the connector from weather influences, it is necessary to cover them with the supplied connection cover.


1. Pull the cap (1) over the plug (3) towards the cable.

2. Cut the capsule (2) with a knife on one side so that it can be slipped over the cable (3).

3. Slide the sealing ring (5) over the camera connector (6).

4. Pull the plug connection (4) over the plug of the connection cable (3).

5. Insert the connector of the connecting cable (3) into the slot of the camera connector (6).

6. Plug the connection (4) onto the camera plug connection (6).


7. Press the capsule (2) firmly into the catch arms of the connecting piece (4).


8. Then screw the cap (1) onto the connector (4).


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