Bullet camera assembly instructions

In this article you will learn how to adjust the bullet camera in your angle and attach it to a wall.


1. The bullet camera has 3 6-socket screws with which you can adjust the angle of the camera. Loosen them if necessary, but do not unscrew them completely. After the adjustment, tighten the screws again.



2. The entire camera can be rotated with the outer screw on the right side.



3. You can tilt the camera with the middle screw.



4. You can turn the camera with the left screw.



5. Hold the camera at the desired position on the wall and mark the drill holes. As an alternative, you can use the supplied drilling template. 


  • Drill in the marked areas.
  • Use a 6 mm drill bit for the holes in the camera mount.
  • Use a 20 mm drill bit for the cable passage.
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