Dome camera assembly instructions PRO/PLUS

In this article you will learn how to adjust the dome camera at the correct angle and attach it to a wall.


1. Remove the 3 Torx screws with the supplied key and remove the protective cap. Keep it loose until the end of this manual.



2. A plastic cap is clamped over the lens where a half moon is cut out. Take this cover off.



3. After removing the plastic cap, two screws for adjustment are visible. Loosen them, but do not unscrew them completely. Adjust the camera and then tighten the screws again.



4. Hold the camera against the wall in the correct position and mark the holes on the wall. You can use the mounting aid sticker for this.


  • Drill the marked holes.
  • Use a 6 mm drill for suspending the camera.
  • Use a 20 mm drill for the passage of the cable.


5. When the camera is hanging, check the image on the recorder or smartphone. When the image is skewed, you can easily straighten the image by rotating the LED ring.


  • Now place the plastic cover (with cut-out crescent moon) back on the camera.
  • Replace the protective cover over the camera and screw in the Torx screws.

Note: it is important that the transparent cover is clean on the inside and outside. Clean it after assembly, so that there are no fingerprints.

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