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All areas within the private zone are excluded for recording and viewing.


Use the recorder

  1. Drag your mouse pointer to the bottom of the screen and click on the leftmost icon mceclip0.png.

  2. Click on Settings.

  3. Enter your password and click Unlock.

  4. Click Cameras, and then click Privacy.

  5. Select the camera you want.

  6. Place a check mark at the point Enable Privacy Zone.

  7. Select the number of regions (number of private zones) you want to use.

  8. Drag the red fields to the desired position in the camera image and change the size by dragging the red line into the desired shape and position with the left mouse button held down.

  9. To save the settings, click Apply.



Use the computer

  1. Click on Remote setting mceclip1.png.

  2. Navigate to Channel and then Video Cover.

  3. Select the camera under Channel and activate the Private Zone option.

  4. Drag the red areas in the camera image to the correct place. Enlarge or reduce the areas by holding down the left mouse button on the red line and then dragging in the corresponding direction. You can create up to 4 data protection zones per camera.

  5. Save your settings with Save.



Use the smartphone

  1. Tap on Settings mceclip0.png.
  2. Now tap on recorder-settings and choose your recorder.
  3. Navigate to video cover and select a channel.
  4. Mark the desired area for the privatzone.
  5. Tap save to save your settings.


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