Activate/restore powerline adapter

When the powerline adapter was deleted with an external tools and management software you can reset the Bascom powerline adapter with the following steps.


  1. Download the Bascom powerline software from the attachment in this article.

  2. Unzip all received files on your computer.

  3. Install the two programs "setup.exe" and "Winpcap.exe".

  4. After installing, open the app AVITAR on your desktop.

  5. Attach the Bascom powerline adapter to the power and plug the UTP cable directly to the INTERNET port of your computer. You do not need the internet on your computer for performing this manual.

  6. When the powerline adapter is recognized by the app underneath Device, please click the Read button.


  7. Now click on the Factory Default button.mceclip1.png

  8. Wait for 30 seconds. After this period you can attach the adapter to the camera again.

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