Recorder - Black screen after Bascom logo

If no picture or only a black screen is beeing shown after the Bascom logo appeared on the screen. 


  1. Please check if the PWR LED at the front of the recorder is working
        • If not or it is just blinking -> Contact our customer support
  2. Use a different HDMI cable
  3. Connect a different monitor via VGA instead of HDMI
  4. Try a different monitor or TV in general
  5. Log into the system remotely (PC client or smartphone App) and check if the camera images are working
  6. Change the recorder output resolution in the client software under Remote-settings -> System -> General -> Output
  7. Reset the recorder to its factory default state 
  8. In case the recorder is not connected to the internet or a log in with the client software is not possible please proceed with the following steps:
    1. Turn off the recorder with the power button on its backside
    2. Disconnect all cables besides the power connection
    3. Turn the recorder back on and wait for 2 minutes
    4. Connect all the cables back again
  9. If all of the steps above do not lead to a solution please contact our customer support
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