Human and vehicle detection

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Supported only by our N-Model recorders and PLUS series cameras


Use the recorder 

  1. Drag your mouse pointer to the bottom of the screen and click on the leftmost icon mceclip0.png.

  2. Click on Settings.

  3. Enter your password and click Unlock.

  4. Navigate to Cameras -> Motion detection
  5. Disable the motion detection by unticking the checkmark and save it by pressing Apply
  6. Click on Intelligent in the left menu bar
  7. Enable the Intelligent function by clicking the checkmark and confirm with Apply
  8. Choose the cogwheel unter settings and enable the desired options Pedestrian and Vehicle
  9. Confirm with Save 

Use the computer 

  1. Click on remote settings
  2. Navigate to Channel -> Motion Detection and disable it by unchecking the switch
  3. Proceed to the Intelligent option
  4. Click on PD&VD in the top bar and enable the function by turning the option Switch on
  5. Enable the desired options Pedestrian and Vehicle and click on Save


Explanation of Terms - Pedestrian & Vehicle detection

Enable Enable or disable PD&VD detection
Sensitivity Can be set to 0-100. The larger the value is, the more accurate the triggering and the more accurately the shape detection of human and vehicle. The default sensitivity is 60.
Dynamic Marking

Can choose to show or not show the custom detection area if set.

Snap Mode There are three recognition modes, default mode, real-time mode and interval mode for snapshots.
  • Default

The default optimal mode. When a human or a vehicle enters the monitoring area, the camera will always capture a snapshot. After a human or a vehicle leaves the monitoring area, the best and clearest of the captured images in this period will be saved in NVR.

  • Realtime Mode

One picture will be sent to the device when a human or vehicle enters the monitoring area in the IPC, and the second picture will be sent to NVR when a person or vehicle leaves the monitoring area.

  • Interval Mode
Push pictures to the NVR. You can set the maximum number of times to send and the interval for each picture to be sent.
Snap Number

Number of snapshots for each locked target can be set as 1, 2, 3 and infinite times, sends snapshots to the NVR once every second, and push once, 2, 3 and infinite times. (Note: this function is available in interval mode)

Snap Frequency

n s/pic (n can set to 1—255),Select the best snapshot every n seconds and push it to the NVR.

Min Pixel

The minimal pixel setting for human and vehicles. When the recognized object is smaller than the set pixel, no alarm is generated accordingly. It can be set to 64-1080.

Max Pixel The maximum pixel setting for human and vehicles. When the recognized object is larger than the set pixel, no alarm will be generated accordingly. It can be set to 320-1080.
Detection Type

There are two type: Pedestrian & Vehicle. Select the type to detect. Both can be active at the same time.

Detection Mode There are two detection modes. Motion Mode & Static Mode.
  • Motion Mode
Can detect the human or vehicle in motion.
  • Static Mode 

Can detect the human or vehicle in motion or static.

Detection Range

Defines the detection area. There are two modes, Fullscreen & Customize.

  • Fullscreen

The detection area is the whole camera image.

  • Customize

Select this mode and a region box will appear on the small window. Click the red small box next to the digital ID of the region box to drag or stretch the region.


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