Human and vehicle detection

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Supported only by our N-Model recorders and PLUS series cameras


Use the recorder 

  1. Drag your mouse pointer to the bottom of the screen and click on the leftmost icon mceclip0.png.

  2. Click on Settings.

  3. Enter your password and click Unlock.

  4. Navigate to Cameras -> Motion detection
  5. Disable the motion detection by unticking the checkmark and save it by pressing Apply
  6. Click on Intelligent in the left menu bar
  7. Enable the Intelligent function by clicking the checkmark and confirm with Apply
  8. Choose the cogwheel unter settings and enable the desired options Pedestrian and Vehicle
  9. Confirm with Save 

Use the computer 

  1. Click on remote settings
  2. Navigate to Channel -> Motion Detection and disable it by unchecking the switch
  3. Proceed to the Intelligent option
  4. Click on PD&VD in the top bar and enable the function by turning the option Switch on
  5. Enable the desired options Pedestrian and Vehicle and click on Save


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