Port Forwarding on the router

The Bascom app and the Bascom client use port 9000 to establish a connection. Depending on the configuration, this port may first have to be released. The procedure is described for the three most used routers. Is your router manufacturer not listed? Please contact the manufacturer's support and ask about the procedure for port release of your device. If your router has separate forwarding options for IPv4 and IPv6 please make sure to add it for both protocols.


Port Forwarding for Fritz!Box:  *Manufacturer's instructions on avm.de.

    1. On the FRITZ! Box on Internet.

    2. On the menu Internet on shares.

    3. Click the Port Releases tab.

    4. Click the  (Edit) button next to the Bascom recorder or its IP address.

    5. Click the New Release button below and select another application and TCP as the protocol.

    6. Enter the value 9000 for port to device and up to port.

    7. Confirm both processes with the OK button.


Port Forwarding for Speedport:  * Manufacturer's instructions on telekom.de

  1. Click on the user interface of the Speed ports on Internet.

  2. In the left pane, click Port Activation.

  3. Select Port Redirects and Port Forwarders.

  4. Enter the value 9000 in the first two left fields and select the Bascom recorder from the device list under Select device.

  5. Then click Save.


Port Forwarding for Connectbox:

  1. Open your browser and enter in the address bar. 

  2. Enter your router password.

  3. Click on Advanced Settings.

  4. Select Security on the left.

  5. Click Port Forwarding.

  6. Click on create a new rule.

  7. Enter the settings as follows:

    • Local IP: Enter the IP address of the Bascom recorder. You can read this in the recorder under Settings - Network - General on the left side.

    • Premises Start / End Port: 9000

    • External start / end port: 9000

    • Protocol: TCP

    • Activated: On

  8. Click Add Rule.

  9. Then click Apply Changes.

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